Thursday, March 29, 2012

OOTD and My Day is Made

I'm really trying to be better about documenting my daily outfits, but truth is I run late for work so much (I know I know) I honestly don't have the time. Nonetheless, here is todays attire
Top-Forever 21
Jeans-Old Navy
Bracelet- J Crew Factory
Shoes- Jack Rogers

So this is probably going to be pretty random, but Im too excited to not share. I was informed today that there will be a sequel to one of my favorite (I can pretty much quote the whole thing) movies!                                                      

Apparently Will Ferrell appeared on Conan O'Brien in character as Ron Burgundy and made the announcement. It was too funny, so below is the video!

                                                              Happy Thursday!

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Whitney said...

I am in love with your outfit! The little boats are so cute.