Friday, October 5, 2012


Whoa. So I dont even have any words for how long it's been since my last post. Between moving down to Charleston, finding/starting a new job and throwing school into the mix I have had zero time for anything else.

I've been in Charleston now for almost three months and I love it. The whole vibe of this city is amazing. There's always something going on, and lets not forget to mention the style that people have down here is insane! 

I thought I would share some picture of my room so far! Im still in the process of finding more ways to decorate so this isnt the finished product

My bed! The duvet is a toile pattern and I couldn't turn down the seahorse pillow when I came across it
I found this nightstand at a yard-sale and painted it 

I loved this print!

I found this dresser on craigslist for $50. I didnt need anything too fancy since I had plans to spice it up a bit. First, this picture was my inspiration 




As you can see my room is still a work in progress. Im trying to find more ways to dress up the walls a bit, so if anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them!


Friday, July 13, 2012

New Friends

This week has already proven to be rather stressful and hectic for me. I have seriously been running around like crazy trying to get stuff packed up and ready for my move next week! Not only am I dealing with the craziness of moving, but....I got a puppy!

Meet my new friend Tucker!
That little face just melts my heart! When the shelter received him this little guy was covered in fleas and missing fur on some parts of his coat. It breaks my heart the background that most of these shelter dogs have, but I've given Tucker a second chance at a good life and can't wait to take him to Charleston with me (Ok I'm done with my PSA for the day)!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I hope everyone had an awesome July 4th weekend! I spent mine down in Charleston apartment hunting and I'm happy to say I found a place! Now that the hard part is done, I can focus on the fun stuff like decorating!

I've been going crazy on pinterest looking for cute and affordable decorating ideas and I've come across several that I definitely want to try and recreate! 

                                                                              Source: via Ashley on Pinterest
This seems like such a chic and inexpensive way to add some color to a space. Im also slightly obsessed with toile so this is perfect!

                                                                                   Source: via Ashley on Pinterest
                                                             How cute and simple is this!

                                                                Source: via Ashley on Pinterest
I'm actually in the process now of painting a thrifted dresser this color. I am so happy with how it's coming out and I will be sure to post about it once it's complete!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

God Bless America!

America turned 236 years old today! I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July! 

                                                                                    Source: via Joyce on Pinterest

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What's on my Kindle

There's nothing I love more in the summer than finding a mindless book to lose myself in. I had the chance to read two that I thought I would pass along!

I'm usually not one for survival type books, but this one kept popping up in my recommendations list so I thought I'd finally give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised and found that I could not put this book down!

This romantic comedy is perfect if you're looking for a quick and easy read (I believe I finished this in about 3 days). The main characters were cute and I found myself slowly being sucked into their story. 

I've been on the hunt for some more books to read, so if anyone has any suggestions let me know!

(By the way I figured out (finally) how to create my very own blog button, so check it out)! 

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Week of Concerts

Last week was seriously one for the books. My friends and I attended two concerts, and seriously had the time of our lives at each. First up was LMFAO. Now, I will say I was not looking forward to this concert at all partly because Im not a huge fan of theirs. However, I seriously underestimated this concert. I wouldn't even call it a concert. It was more of a dance party/rave (complete with glow sticks). The crowd was amped up and the energy was insane!
Performing "Sexy and I Know It"

Had to dress the part

The next concert was Lady Antebellum! Unlike LMFAO, I had been counting down until this one ever since we purchased the tickets back in January! I mainly went to see Darius Rucker (I owe credit to him for my blog name). The energy was very easy going and laid back, but it seemed our section was full of all the trouble makers! Everyone was arguing with one another and/or getting escorted out. 

Darius Rucker was my favorite!

Section 220 was popping off!
Looking back, it was a great week! Yesterday was my last official day of work so now I'll be focusing on getting stuff squared away for the big move to Charleston, and of course blogging!

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Craziness!

I tried to do this post yesterday, but for some reason none of my pictures would upload. It seriously seems like as soon as the month of May got here I have been going nonstop, so lets start from the beginning. 

At the beginning of May my brother graduated from Carolina! 
we couldn't get over how high up we were

Sibling picture with our adorable nephew

That same day my best friend graduated from my alma mater, so that night I traveled to her neck of the woods (literally) and celebrated with friends and her family. 

The following week the two of us went to see the All American Rejects in Charlotte! I remember there first single, "Swing Swing" coming out when I was in middle school, so we felt like awkward teenagers again singing along to all of their old songs and having a good time. We ran into some of our sorority sisters who were there which made it even better! Later, we were able to get ahold of some wristbands and meet them after the show, so our teenage dreams came true!
Im such a dork

The next weekend one of my good friends was in town for her birthday, so the usual crowd got together to celebrate! 

I love these girls!

Last but not least, my younger sister graduated from high school this past Tuesday! This was what I had planned on wearing 
dress Lilly Pulitzer
belt Forever 21
wedges Target
(I opted out of wearing the wedges since it started pouring and the ceremony was moved from the field to the school gym)

 It was so weird being back at my old high school and it brought back so many memories. We were continuously entertained during the ceremony because this graduating class was full of senior pranks! We witnessed frisbees being tossed, beach balls getting passed around, graduates wearing mustaches, and the most extreme was a graduate purposely  falling on stage after receiving his diploma!

Sibling pic again! Check out her bedazzled cap!

Ok, so it has been a crazy month, but Ive thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! 

Happy Thursday!