Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Week of Concerts

Last week was seriously one for the books. My friends and I attended two concerts, and seriously had the time of our lives at each. First up was LMFAO. Now, I will say I was not looking forward to this concert at all partly because Im not a huge fan of theirs. However, I seriously underestimated this concert. I wouldn't even call it a concert. It was more of a dance party/rave (complete with glow sticks). The crowd was amped up and the energy was insane!
Performing "Sexy and I Know It"

Had to dress the part

The next concert was Lady Antebellum! Unlike LMFAO, I had been counting down until this one ever since we purchased the tickets back in January! I mainly went to see Darius Rucker (I owe credit to him for my blog name). The energy was very easy going and laid back, but it seemed our section was full of all the trouble makers! Everyone was arguing with one another and/or getting escorted out. 

Darius Rucker was my favorite!

Section 220 was popping off!
Looking back, it was a great week! Yesterday was my last official day of work so now I'll be focusing on getting stuff squared away for the big move to Charleston, and of course blogging!

Happy Sunday!

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