Monday, March 5, 2012


Ok so Im declaring myself the world's worst blogger, but nonetheless I have been up to quite a bit lately. 
I've really been trying to cut back on my spending, but I always catch myself finding excuses to buy anything and everything! About a week ago, I went to a local Blockbuster that was going out of business and struck gold! They had Dvd's for as low as a $1.50! So 17 Dvd's later this is what I took home

This was such a random purchase, but you never know when you'll want to pop in a good movie!

Friday I stopped by the Gap Outlet and found this ridiculously cute chiffon gingham skirt that I know will be perfect for Spring/Summer!

My birthday is a week from today, which is the perfect excuse to do some shopping!

Happy Monday!

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Whitney said...

I love that skirt! What are the movies in the sleeves?