Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammy's Recap and OOTD

I hope everyone had a great start to the week today! First, here is my OOTD (excuse the blurriness, my camera was not cooperating today).
jeans-Old Navy
Cardigan-Old Navy
Necklace-Vintage Cupcake

I spent last night watching the Grammy's, and for the most part it did not disappoint. Asides from the all around weirdness of Nicki Minaj I enjoyed all of the performances. Here are the three performances that stood out more than the rest:

I could not believe how incredible she sounded given the fact that she had surgery a few months ago. Her voice is flawless and I love that she doesn't rely on gimics and props like a lot of other artists, yet she can still own the stage and command attention just the same.

This performance was so much fun!

This performance was so fun!

Im not going to lie, This may or may not have made me a bit misty eyed. I can't think of anyone better who would have been able to do this song justice.

                                                               Happy Monday!


Erin said...

I love that necklace - is Vintage Cupcake a boutique?

Ashley said...

Thank you so much! I actually bought it from Fiore Boutique and vintage cupcake is the brand.

Whitney said...

I love that outfit, Ashley! I need you to dress me, haha. I agree with you too, that Jennifer Hudson performance totally made me tear up!