Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Need Your Help Deciding!

Ok, so after the monsoon we had that occurred for two days I have decided that it's finally time for me to invest in the ever so trendy L.L. Bean duck boots. I've been contemplating it for a while, but having to go out in the rain and to work two days straight with shoes that got drenched was the final straw.

So my question is...should I get the 6-inch boot, or the moccasins? I think the 6 inch boot is more practical/functional, but I like the moccasins. My only concern with the mocs is doesn't a short boot like that defeat the purpose of keeping your feet dry?

6 inch duck boot

Rubber moc

Im having a really hard time deciding between these two so any help would be greatly appreciated!

                                                                Happy Sunday!


Prep International said...

Definately the duck boot Ashley, It's more practical :) Though both of them help keep your feet warm during the rain, snow, etc; my friend found that with her moc's she had to pair them with heavier , thicker socks than the boots to make up for the lack of shielding/covering on the top part :) However, both shoes are lovely. My advice is to go with the one that is more practical for the current weather :) Good luck :)

Whitney said...

I agree, I'd pick the duck boot too! You'll look super cute in there!

Caitlin C. said...

I like the duck boot, for sure! I think they would keep your feet drier and they're so cute, too :)

Katie said...

I like to the look Duck boot and how it is more practical :)

Emily said...

First of all, I love your blog! Now following! But I would go with the boots because they are more versatile and are also much warmer. I have had both the mocs and the boots and I wear the boots much more. Just an fyi, make sure you have nice wool socks with them because they aren't the greatest insulated boots without them! :]